Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to the 28th International Complement Workshop which will take place from September 13-17th in Berlin the vibrant capital of Germany in the heart of Europe. Berlin is recognized as a lively modern world city of culture and medicine. Berlin is also a historical city and the birthplace and home of complement. The term complement was coined in 1890 by the German Physician and Nobel Laureate Paul Ehrlich. In Berlin you can follow in his footsteps and those of Rudolf Virchow by visiting the collection of anatomical specimens collected by this famous pathologist. You can also visit the place where Robert Koch, who discovered the tubercle bacillus worked. This international meeting will cover state of the art lectures on complement in health and disease and emphasizes will be given on the translational aspects. Renowned international speakers will cover exciting and recent newest developments of complement therapeutics. The local organizing committee together with the President and the advisory board of the International Complement Society will put together an attractive program which will cover timely topics of complement basic research, on the translational character of the field and the input in the clinics and in therapy.

The organizers look forward to seeing you in Berlin, in September 2020.