Les Jeudis de la SFI – Webinar 4 – Mesenchymal cells

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Date: Thursday 21 April  2022 – Hours: 13:00 to 14:30

Chairs: Karin Tarte (Rennes) and Christopher Mueller (Strasbourg)



13:00-13:30 Mesenchymal stromal cells: from basic concepts to functional characterizations in normal and lymphoma settings
Frédéric Mourcin (U1236, Rennes)
13:45-14:30 Role of stromal heterogeneity in immunosuppression and resistance to immunotherapy in cancer
Fatima Metcha-Grigoriou (Institut Curie, Paris)
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14:00-14:07 10X Genomics
14:07-14:14 Beckman Coulter