We are seeking a highly motivated and scientifically driven computational biologist/bioinformatician who will bring his/her expertise to contribute to the efforts of the team in identifying key immune surveillance pathways and immune escape mechanisms operating in tumors. The successful candidate will take the lead of a project that aims to identify novel immunosurveillance pathways by performing a comprehensive comparison of tumors from patients with a paraneoplastic neurological syndrome (PNS) and conventional non-PNS tumors through computational analysis of single cell RNA-sequencing data of immune cells, tumor cells and stromal cells, antigen receptor sequencing data and of spatial data of the tumor immune contexture based on multispectral immunofluorescence tissue imaging. It follows our recent observations with the team of J. Honnorat (INMG Lyon) that ovarian and breast carcinomas from PNS patients differed from their non-PNS counterpart by a massive infiltration by CD8 T cells and antibody producing plasma cells, as well as signs of tumor immune attack, indicating efficient and concomitant in situ anti-tumor cellular and humoral immunity. This project is part of a large effort of the team to discover novel tumor immune surveillance pathways using single cell OMICS in early versus advanced tumors, for which the candidate is also expected to participate according to his/her skills.

Contract: 2 years with possible extension to 3 years.