Post-doctoral Fellowship in Cancer Immunology, 2 years funded

Institut Curie, Benaroch lab, Paris, France

Project: Spatial, functional and physical analysis of the fibroblast/macrophage interplay in lung cancer

Specific fibroblasts and macrophages favor an immunosuppressive environment across multiple cancer types, limiting the access and activity of tumor-specific killer T cells. The impact of the cellular and molecular dialogue between fibroblasts and macrophages on solid tumor growth, as well as the impact of the tumor microenvironment on this crosstalk, remain largely unexplored. Our objective is to thoroughly analyze this dialogue in lung cancer to identify key molecular targets and pathways for the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

The project is based on interdisciplinary approaches combining analyses :

– At the spatiotemporal and cellular level, by characterizing samples from a retrospective cohort of patients by multiplex imaging

– At the cellular and molecular level, using our 3D tumor spheroid culture system and real time and confocal microscopy

– At the level of Physics, by adapting our previous mathematical modeling of the evolution of tumor spheroids

The Lab

Our team is part of the Immunology department (INSERM U932) headed by Dr Ana-Maria Lennon

located in the exciting scientific environment of Institut Curie, one of the largest European institutions for cancer and biomedical research with strong interdisciplinary traditions. Dr. Philippe Benaroch’s team ( is focused on how myeloid cells crosstalk with viruses and tumor cells, and how this interplay is regulated at the molecular level. The project is funded for at least two years and will be performed in collaboration with the team of Dr. Hélène Salmon ( focusing on fibroblasts and the one of Jean-François Joanny who developed the mathematical modeling.

Qualification and skills

– PhD in Immunology or Cell Biology

– Expertise with immuno-histology and flow cytometry appreciated

– High motivation, autonomy, scientific rigor, team spirit, proficient in English, and dynamic personality

– International applicants are welcome

Application Instructions

Please send your CV, a cover letter and 2 ref letters to: [email protected] and [email protected]


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