Position: PhD-qualified scientist to perform a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship (funding from ANRS) on innate immunity in Dr. Philippe Benaroch’s group
(http://ow.ly/WjoV50yVbOQ). The team is focused on how myeloid cells crosstalk with viruses and tumor cells, and how this interplay is regulated at the molecular level.
The team is part of the Immunity and Cancer unit (Inserm U932, Paris, France) headed by Dr Ana-Maria Lennon located in the exciting professional environment of Institut Curie. Institut Curie is one of the largest European institutions for cancer and biomedical research with strong interdisciplinary traditions.

Project: cGAS/STING pathway during chronic infection (3 years, ANRS funded)
The cGAS/STING pathway is critical for the detection of a large range of DNA and RNA viruses as it initiates strong anti-viral responses. The pivotal role of this innate sensing pathway is attested by the large diversity of strategies that viruses have selected during evolution to impede this sensing pathway.
The general objective of the project is to study in primary macrophages the regulatory role of a new protein we recently discovered in the cGAS/STING pathway at the steady state and during chronic infection, like with HIV-1. The project also aims to determine which other genes are subjected to this regulation and elucidate the mechanism involved. Various cutting-edge technologies, currently mastered in the lab, will be employed to achieve the project including RNAseq analyses, gene editing of cell lines and of primary cells, and confocal and electron microscopies.

Qualification, desirable knowledge and skills:
– PhD in Immunology or Virology
– Experience with primary cell cultures, molecular biology, biochemistry, microscopy,
and bioinformatics will be valuated
– Scientific rigor, team spirit, and self-motivation

The candidate will benefit from a 3-year funded fellowship from the ANRS

To apply, please send CV and two letters of reference to:
[email protected] and [email protected]

Posted November 2021, until candidate is found

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