Our team “Immunoregulation, Chemokines and Viral Persistence” of the UMR996 (under the supervision of Inserm/Paris-Saclay) is offering a INSERM Junior Professorship of which you will find the attached description. Our unit will join in summer 2022 the other research units of the Faculty of Pharmacy Paris-Saclay in the new Moissan Institute located in Saclay which will be in the immediate vicinity of many other research centers – ENS & CEA Paris-Saclay, Institute of Integrative Cell Biology (I2BC), Institute of Plants (IPS2) … (https://www.universite-paris-saclay.fr/luniversite/les-campus/grands-projets-immobiliers/pole-biologie-pharmacie-chimie).

The Junior Professorships (CPJ) are a new way of recruitment based on a research and teaching project, allowing, at the end of the term, between 3 and 6 years, and after evaluation of the scientific value and the professional aptitude of the applicant by a tenure commission, access to a permanent position in the INSERM Research Directors’ corps. The CPJ open at Inserm are intended for researchers who have a strong potential to manage and lead a research team, as well as to participate in national, European or international projects. The provisional calendar indicates the opening of applications on June 1st, closing on June 30th.

We are at your disposal to discuss and answer any questions ([email protected]).