The laboratory of Prof. Jens Stein at the Department of Oncology, Microbiology and Immunology (OMI) of the University of Fribourg/Switzerland is looking for a motivated and skilled candidate to join our team of 5-8 scientists who mainly work on distinct aspects of CD8+ T cell responses and their interactions with lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissue microenvironments. This process is essential for immune defense against viruses and other pathogens.

Adaptive immune reponses are initated in lymphoid tissue, which is now recognized to host additional areas beyond the well-described B cell follicles and T cell zones. In a thesis project in collaboration with the group of Prof. Christopher Mueller at the University of Strasbourg, France, we aim to understand the role of a little-studied lymphoid microenvironement enriched in innate immune cells and its impact on adaptive immune responses. From this analysis, we expect to uncover new links between structure and function of lymphoid microenvironments that govern the crosstalk between innate and adaptive immune systems during inflammation.


  • Master in Science with strong motivation to work in immunology and imaging
  • Good work organization, curious, creative, goal-oriented


Cutting edge celllular and molecular immunology technbiques, imaging, modern mouse genetics

We offer

  • Collaborative international research environment in a dynamic and competitive field
  • Regular courses and seminars by UNIFR Life Science Graduate school on-site and in neighboring Universities of Bern and Lausanne
  • Friendly and cooperative research team; English is main language

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