A postdoctoral position is available to work on defining the contribution of αvβ8-mediated activation of TGFβ to antibody-mediated host defence and diseases (ANR funded).

This study will explore the underlying mechanisms that control TGFβ availability through regulation of αvβ8 expression on follicular T cells, and its involvement in normal and pathological B cell responses. Using available animal models, the successful candidate will study the regulation of β8 expression and humoral immune responses in the context of the germinal center reaction.


The “Effector and B lymphocytes” team is part of the CIRI – International Center for Infectiology Research (http://ciri.inserm.fr), in Lyon, France. It is part of the ENS Lyon and the Charles Mérieux Campus, a cutting-edge research environment in basic biological sciences, with a special focus on research on infectious diseases. The host lab benefits from state-of-the-art technological facilities for flow cytometry, cell and molecular biology, microscopy and animal studies. The host lab is a dynamic research team including researchers, clinicians, technicians, and PhD students.


The successful applicant will have, or have recently submitted, a PhD in Immunology or in a related discipline, with strong experience in murine models and flow cytometry. Previous experience in laboratory-based research along with strong organizational skills and the ability for rigorous and accurate documentation are required. Prior experience in imaging or functional genomics and NGS data analysis (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq) is a plus.

Need to be highly motivated, curious anda conscientious team-player. Good interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate efficiently with members of the group and other internal and external collaborators will be required. A high degree of computer literacy is desirable (e.g. use of GraphPad, FlowJo). Excellent written and oral skills in English are required.

Funding is available for two years from beginning of 2021. Salary of the successful candidate will be based on experience.


Prospective candidates should submit a statement of research interests and CV with contact details of two or three references to Helena Paidassi (helena.paidassi@inserm.fr)

CIRI, International Center for Infectiology Research, Effector and Memory B cell team: http://ciri.inserm.fr/en/team/all-teams/effector-and-memory-b-lymphocytes/research-themes/