The HORUS project (Horizon Europe funding – health cluster, destination “Tackling diseases”) aims at improving our understanding of the “host-virus” relationship between cytomegalovirus (CMV) and solid organ transplant recipients. This will lead to the elaboration of signatures integrating viral, clinical and immunological characteristics associated with CMV control. The ultimate clinical objective is to decrease the incidence of CMV, better manage difficult-to-treat infections, avoid overtreatment with antiviral drugs, and discover new molecules that can specifically target the CMV immune response without increasing the risk of acute rejection.

Role of the Research Assistant

Research assistant will conceive, develop and implement the experiments needed for in depth analysis of alpha-beta and gamma-delta T lymphocytes involved in the response to CMV in organ transplant recipients. Phenotype, functions and molecular features of lymphocytes will be characterized using primary cell cultures, viral dissemination assays, multiparametric flow cytometry, RT-PCR, scRNASeq, ELISA, multiplex tissue imaging, MCMV mouse model analysis, metabolism evaluation, etc.


HORUS project is developed in the team 1 (ERL1303 INSERM) of ImmunoConcEpT laboratory which is a CNRS and Bordeaux university research unit (UMR 5164, Global objective of ImmunoConcEpT is a better understanding of how the immune system controls infections and how immune system alterations result in specific vulnerability conditions such as in elderly, chronic infections, chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, cancer and transplantation. Several members of team 1 have a long-lasting experience in studying immune response to CMV in organ transplant recipients with a particular focus on alpha-beta and gamma-delta T cell responses. Long-term collaborations between clinicians and scientists within the team fosters efficiency of translational research programs.

Candidate qualifications

The minimal level of qualification required is a Master or equivalent.

A solid knowledge in immunology is preferred. Skills in human cell culture and immunolabelling techniques are mandatory. Experience in molecular biology and biochemical analyses are preferred.

Good English level, excellent team spirit and communication skills, experience in student technical supervision, excellent organizational skills, experience in health and clinical research environment.

Salary will depend on the qualification level and experiences of the candidate.


Start and Duration of the appointment: End of 2022 for 3 years, with the possibility for longer position.


Application including CV, a brief description of technical skills, cover letter and contact details for at least two referees into a single PDF file should be sent to Hannah Kaminski ([email protected]) or Julie Déchanet-Merville ([email protected]).

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