An increasing number of clinical trials demonstrated efficacy of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)-based gene therapy for the treatment of monogenic diseases. However, pre-existing immunity and treatment-induced immune responses respectively limit efficacy and broader application of AAV gene therapy. The candidate will take advantage of the extensive knowledge in AAV vectors engineering available in the team to dissect in vivo the T cell responses and the immune tolerance mechanisms at play after gene transfer, with the will to propose functional immunomodulations, as well as new appropriate markers for patients’ immunomonitoring.

The present project will be developed under the supervision of Dr. David A. Gross in the “Immunology and liver gene transfer” team, within the UMR_S951 INTEGRARE unit ( INTEGRARE is an INSERM unit that regroups more than 80 staff members integrated in the Genethon R&D structure, affiliated with the local University of Evry/University Paris Saclay. Genethon, a non-profit biotherapy organization created by the Association Française contre les Myopathies, is devoted to AAV gene therapy for rare diseases, mainly for neuromuscular diseases, and ensures translational development from research up to clinical validation (

Candidates should have a PhD and a strong background in immunology, with expertise in cytometry, animal models and molecular biology. Motivated candidates with creative and innovative skills, as well as capacity to work within a team, are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications in English including a cover letter, a detailed CV with publication list and references should be sent to David A. Gross at