In recent years our increased knowledge in immunity has shown that it is essential to fight off cancer and infectious diseases; the two main causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide.
The IRCI meeting is a unique event to expose recent discoveries and exchange ideas on the immune response in both cancer and infections. The edition in 2022 will bring together international prominent scientists and clinicians to discuss their recent immunological findings in fundamental and clinical research. Our goal is to keep the number of participants limited thereby driving increased discussion between leaders in the field and attendees, thus strengthening as well as defining immunological research and curative therapies in the near future.
The IRCI2022 is organized by researchers from two leading centres in Lyon, the CIRI and CRCL.This 2nd edition will have sessions in innate immunity,  immuno-metabolism; immunotherapy (epi)genetics, microbiota and infection including Covid-19.
The organisers and our scientific committee, chaired by  the Prof Alexander Y. Rudensky, are glad to have you in Lyon, France  in June 2022.

The registration fees are really low 150 euros for students  for three days of a worldclass recognized meeting,  with gastronomic lunch included.

Places are limited !

Confirmed Invited Speakers


Ruslan Medzhitov, USA
Yasmine Belkaid, USA

Ido Amit, Israel
Esteban Ballestar, Spain
Antonio Bertoletti, Singapore
Menna Clatworthy, UK
Julie Dechanet-Merville, France
Sandra Diebold, UK
Thomas Gajewski, USA
Nelson Gekara, Sweden
Adrian Hayday, UK
Ping-Chih Ho, Switzerland
Jonathan Kagan, USA
Mansun Law, USA
Mala Maini, UK
Federica Marelli-Berg, UK
Anne Puel, France
Jonathan Schertzer, USA
Giorgio Trinchieri, USA
John Wherry, USA

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