We are looking for motivated young PhD aiming to work in a scientific but not conventional stimulating environment interfacing academic and private sectors. The candidate will make the bridge between fundamental research in the field of cancer immunology and development of therapeutic drugs in the field of immunotherapy by working in timeshare between the Cancer Research Center of Lyon in the Centre Léon Bérard and OSE immunotherapeutics®.


The Centre Léon Bérard (CLB), Lyon, France, is 100% dedicated to oncology. It has 3 missions: care, research and teaching on a daily basis with the sole idea in mind of innovation in the service of people. The CAUX’s team aim to identify mechanisms involved in immune subversion by cancer cells to develop therapeutic strategies based on the reactivation of immune-surveillance, and biomarkers of response to immunotherapies (IT).

The OSE immunotherapeutics® is a clinical-stage biotechnology company located in Nantes involved in oncology with the development of drugs (mAbs) targeting the T-cell but also the myeloid cell compartment.


It is well known in mice that myeloid immune cells are key in the establishment of an effective anti-tumor immune response, and more particularly during immune checkpoint therapies. The present project aims is to characterize the myeloid cell infiltrate (DC, macrophages, neutrophils) and the epithelial compartment in preneoplastic breast lesions to specifically manipulate innate cell types as candidate immune sentinels initiating and polarizing anti-tumor immune responses. He will use deep scRNAseq and explore transcriptomic data done on tumor infiltrating myeloid cells to identify new therapeutic molecules. This project will benefit from access to tumors samples from the CLB and blood from healthy volunteers. The candidate will thus being in charge to analyze cells from patients with early versus advanced breast lesions. This project will be done within the academic research team of Dr Christophe CAUX of the Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL), Centre Léon Bérard (CLB) under the supervision of Dr Jenny VALLADEAU-GUILEMOND and the OSE immunotherapeutics® company under the supervision of Dr Nicolas POIRIER.

Skills and Qualifications:

PhD obtained in 2019-20-21 or planned for January 2022 with a topic in one of the following areas: (cancer) immunology, bioinformatics, and transcriptomic analysis.

Proven interest in Oncology and immune-oncology

Excellent skills in spoken and written English

Proven capabilities of both work independently and collaboratively in a team

High motivation, flexibility as well as innovative and creative thinking is a must and will be key in recruitment

Team and location: The Cancer Research Center of Lyon in Centre Léon Bérard (www.crcl.fr) Lyon, FRANCE and OSE immunotherapeutics®, Nantes, France


Publications : Hubert M. et al., Science Immunology 2020 and Hubert M. et al. Cancers 2019;


Funding: The present fellowship is fully funded for 2 years by Plan de Relance program of the French government.  Starting the latest January 2022.


Gross salary: 32k€/an


Candidates should send a curriculum vitae with a publication list, a short summary of research achievements and mastered techniques in English, and the names and email addresses of at least two references to [email protected]

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