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Dr A. Saoudi has expertise in cellular Immunology and Immunopathogy and has been working more than 20 years on animal models of immune mediated diseases such as autoimmunity, allergy and transplantation. He has long been interested in the role of T cell subsets, in particular regulatory T cells, in immune mediated diseases, in rat, mice and human.

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Institution : INSERM/UPS UMR 1043, CNRS UMR5282
Fonction: PhD
Work Grade: Director of research
Workplace sector Government
Research Institute
Professional Address: équipe Maladies inflammatoires du système nerveux central: mécanismes et thérapies, CHU Purpan, 31024, TOULOUSE CEDEX 3, FRANCE

Informations scientifiques

Areas of interest Autoimmunity
Cell Signalling
Clinical Immunology
Spleen and Lymph Nodes
T Cells
White Blood Cells
Club Affinity Neuroimmunology
Facteur H: 29
ORCID ID: 0000-001-7015-8178