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MD, PhD, Université de Paris. Post-doctorate,NIH, NCI CNRS DR1 Director, International Affairs, Institut Cochin Director, DC, B lymphocytes and cytokines during viral infections and cancer Team Member, Fondation Acteria Former President, SFI

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Institution : Institut Cochin
Fonction: Dr
Work Grade: Professor
Workplace sector Government
Research Institute
Adresse Professionnelle : INSERM U1016,UMR CNRS 8104, IFR 116 , Bât. G. Roussy Dpt Immunologie, 75014, PARIS , FRANCE

Informations scientifiques

Domaines d'intérêt Antigen Presentation
Dendritic Cells
Immunity of Infection
Innate Immunity
Spleen and Lymph Nodes
Club Affinity Vaccination
Facteur H : 36
ORCID ID : 0000-0001-9021-3488