Lymphocyte antigen receptor signalling is a vibrant field that has made significant contributions to immunotherapy and is moved forward by new investigators and new technology that will be highlighted across the meeting. For example, cryo-electron microscopy has provided amazingly detailed snapshots of antigen receptors, but conformational dynamics and the structure of the cytoplasmic domains remain a hot topic as highlighted by speakers around the globe.

The next generation biophysical approaches are pushing boundaries highlighted by early career speakers from Sweden and Austria. Successful implementation in small research labs of robotic systems (e.g., Immunotron) that generate high dimensional data analysed by neural networks will be introduced. Intersections of metabolism and signalling are key to health as will be highlighted by leaders in the field from Germany and Spain.

The pandemic highlighted the value and limitations of antibodies – two sessions will cover the latest in this remarkable Darwinian process. Synthetic immunology continues to feed into immunotherapies in exciting ways. We also make time to discuss communication with the public, innovation in publishing and promoting a positive scientific culture by bringing colleagues together at events like this. receptor-signaling-workshop