The Single Cell Biomarkers Unit of Technology and Service (scBiomarkers UTechS) of the Institut Pasteur, Paris is recruiting a research engineer on a  full-time permanent position.


The research engineer will provide support, advice and training for the autonomous use of various technologies for functional cell testing under hypoxia (Xvivo), for cell phenotyping (IncucyteZoom SX-5, Spectral cytometer ID7000, Imagestream MARKII), cell sorting (Symphony S6, CellenOne), microfluidic-based analysis of analysis of 3D spheroids based on microfluidics (Okomera), and for measurement of cellular metabolism (Seahorse).

He/she will be responsible for establishing collaborations with the scientific community through the application of these technologies in scientific projects and will be responsible for the maintenance and proper operation of this equipment.

The research engineer will participate in various scBiomarkers initiatives, including teaching master’s students, tech watch and technology animation through organization of technology and scientific seminars.

The research engineer will work in an ISO 9001-certified environment and will contribute to maintaining ISO 9001 quality certification.

He/she will interact closely with the scientific community at Institut Pasteur and neighboring academic and clinical institutions. He/she will interface with Institut Pasteur’s support services.

Profile and Skills

The ideal applicant should hold a graduate or postgraduate qualification in Biological Sciences and have at least 4 years of professional experience. She/he must have an expertise in flow cytometry and should have experience in handling human and infectious material. Basic knowledge of microscopy and microfluidics would be an asset. An experience in molecular and cellular biology is a plus.

We are looking for a candidate who is autonomous, self-motivated and has initiative. The candidate should be interested in learning and applying new technologies. She/he should be able to integrate and work efficiently within a team and has good communication skills.


The scBiomarkers UTechS’s mission is to facilitate biomedical research through state-of-the-art technologies. Currently equipped by twenty-five innovative technologies installed in 6 laboratories, the scBiomarkers UTechS provides support for cell functional assays, cell phenotyping and sorting, as well as for molecular profiling, including single cell multi-omics and spatial transcriptomics. Project-specific data analysis complements sample processing and analysis, providing a project-tailored support. Training, service, and scientific collaborations are offered by the team of 11 research engineers, technicians and bioinformaticians. ISO9001 quality certification guarantees the quality of the provided support.

The scBiomarkers currently hosts over 150 projects from around 90 scientific and clinical scientific and clinical laboratories and hosts users from the Institut Pasteur, external academic institutions and industry.

The scBiomarkers is immersed in the fertile and multicultural scientific environment of the Institut Pasteur in Paris. It offers opportunities to work and collaborate with researchers on campus and around the world. It also encourages the development of new skills, the establishment of networks and the dissemination of knowledge.


Please send your CV and motivation letter to: [email protected]