The Legoux lab is recruiting a PhD candidate at the Institute for Genetics and Development in Rennes (IGDR), a 200-person structure affiliated with the CNRS, the University of Rennes and INSERM. Rennes is a culturally vibrant city located in the heart of Britany, 1h30 from Paris by train. The Institute provides a rich environment for basic and translational research characterised by multidisciplinary approaches in biology, biophysics, bioinformatics and biomedical sciences.

The lab is interested in evolutionary conserved, microbe-specific T lymphocytes called MAIT cells. MAIT cells represent a major immune cell population with versatile functions, and are involved in many pathologies including infections, cancer and inflammatory diseases. The effector functions of MAIT cells emerge from a complex and poorly understood developmental process. To gain knowledge on how this program is established, we created a novel transgenic mouse with temporally controlled induction of a synchronous wave of MAIT cells in the thymus. This model has the potential to reveal the kinetics of MAIT cell maturation, identify successive developmental stages and help resolve precursor-product relationships.

The goals of this PhD project are:

– to validate and characterize the new experimental system

– to define the kinetics of MAIT cell development

– to identify and characterize the successive developmental steps and explore the underlying mechanisms

The application deadline for this position is April 28, 2023, for a start in the Fall of 2023. More information and application through the PhD program website:

Please get in touch with any question at [email protected]. 

Expected profile

Curiosity and enthusiasm for science. Strong interest in basic immunology is key. Previous experience with mouse work, flow cytometry, data analysis in R would be appreciated.

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