Context & project

Our team is part of the Immunology department (INSERM U932) headed by Dr Ana-Maria Lennon located in the exciting scientific environment of Institut Curie, one of the largest European institutions for cancer and biomedical research with strong interdisciplinary traditions.

Dr. Philippe Benaroch’s team ( is focused on myeloid cells that represent a very ancient form of cellular immunity against pathogens and tumor cells. Myeloid cells represent the first line of defense against many viruses. The team is studying some of the molecular mechanisms involved. Myeloid cells also shape the tumor microenvironment and are major players in immune resistance and/or evasion mechanisms. Myeloid cells have a great capacity to phagocytose tumor cells and stimulate the anti-tumor adaptive immune response. We aim to harness myeloid cell functional properties by genetic engineering and to use them as anti-tumor therapeutic agents.

The technician will work on the lab ongoing projects.


-Isolation of human primary immune cells from blood

-2D and 3D Cell culture (cell lines and primary cells)

-Cell transfections and transductions

-Cell biology and fluorescent microscopy

-In vivo mouse experiments

-Multiparametric Flow cytometry (FACS)

-Lab management and coordination with the other teams on the floor

Qualification and skills

-Master in immunology and/or oncology

-Motivation to work with team members and for multitasks work

-Expertise in flow cytometry is not mandatory but will be greatly appreciated

-High self-organization and good lab book maintenance

-Proficiency in English (B1)

International applicants are welcome

Please send your CV, a cover letter, and 2 ref letters to: [email protected] and [email protected]