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PhD in Immunology from Paris VI on Fc receptors; postdoc on integrin signalling at DFCI/Harvard; tenure CNRS position in France (human T cell activation); returned to Harvard (integrin and then T cells in MS as Instructor at HMS with D. Hafler); lab in Edinburgh and now in Toulouse, my group investigates immune response in multiple sclerosis and the impact of environmental factors on T cell responses

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Institution : Infinity - INSERM UMR1291 – CNRS UMR5051 - Université Toulouse III
Fonction : PhD
Work Grade: Principal Investigator
Workplace sector Government
Adresse Professionnelle : INSERM UMR1291 - CNRS UMR5051 - Université Toulouse III, INFINITY centre , 31024, Toulouse, France

Informations scientifiques

Domaines d'intérêt Autoimmunity
Clinical Immunology
T Cells
Club Affinity Neuroimmunology
Facteur H : 24
ORCID ID : https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0144-3431