Immune cell therapies that include CAR-T cells represent a breakthrough in the treatment of haematologic malignancies and are promising in numerous medical fields.

The recently created Club of Immune Cell Therapy, affiliated to the SFI, brings together researchers and clinicians that are involved in the development and the immunomonitoring of immune cell therapies.

The Club is meant to connect researchers and clinicians of the SFI with those of the societies of specialties where immune cell therapies are utilized or being in development stages, mainly haematology and oncology but also transplantation and clinical immunology. This will be achieved through scientific events that will be co-organized by the Club together with those societies.

Its purpose is to promote immune cell therapy as a major development axis in immunology

Club Events

The first event of the Cellular Immunotherapy Club will take place on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at the SFI Annual Congress, City of Science and Industry, Paris.

To your summaries!

Submit your abstracts to the Cellular Immunotherapy Club session. The three best abstracts will be selected for an oral presentation and a ITcell Miltenyi prize of 500 euros will be awarded to each presenter.


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