Postdoctoral fellowship in Cancer Immunology

Institut Curie, INSERM U932, Paris, France

Our group ( is part of the Immunology department (InsermU932, Paris, France) headed by Dr Ana-Maria Lennon located in the exciting professional environment of Institut Curie, one of the largest European institutions for cancer and biomedical research with strong interdisciplinary traditions.

Dr. Philippe Benaroch’s team is focused on how myeloid cells crosstalk with viruses and tumor cells, and how this interplay is regulated at the molecular level.

Anti-cancer adoptive cell therapy using engineered myeloid cells

Solid cancers are shaped by a complex tumor microenvironment  that critically impacts their growth and metastatic potential, as well as their response to therapies. Myeloid cells are major players in immune resistance and/or evasion mechanisms. They can phagocytose dead and even living cells, including tumor cells. This activity is coupled to their antigen presentation capacity which can stimulate anti-tumor immunity.

The aim of the project is to exploit functional properties of myeloid cells for anti-tumor cell therapies by genetic engineering. Combining state-of-the-art technologies in molecular biology and cell biology with pre-clinical experimental approaches, the candidate will develop next-generation engineered myeloid cells as anti-cancer adoptive cell therapy and  will decipher their mechanisms of action.

Qualification and skills

– PhD & expertise with mouse preclinical models and multiparametric flow cytometry are mandatory

– Knowledge in immunology, cancer biology & cell biology will be highly appreciated

– High motivation, scientific rigor, team spirit, proficient in English, and dynamic personality

– International applicants are wellcome

To apply, please send your CV, a letter of motivation and two letters of reference to:

[email protected] and [email protected]

Posted May 2022, until candidate is selected