– The laboratory of Dr Julien C. Marie is seeking a  post-doctoral fellow to study the effects of TGF-b on T cell-biology in autoimmunity . A particular focus is proposed on deciphering mechanisms of action of TGF-b in using both in vitro and in vivo mouse models.

Motivated candidates should send their Cv and a letter of motivation

Lab publications related to the topic:

Marie et al Immunity 2006, Doisne et al J. Exp. Med 2009, Havenar Blood 2012, Ruiz et al Nature Com 2014, Mc Carron J.Clin invest 2014, Worthington et al Immunity 2015. Bauché et al Science Trans Med 2016, Mc Carron et al Nature Com 2019. Bonnet et al Cancer Research, Pereira et al Nature Immunol 2020. Lainé et al Nature Com 2021

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