The International Union of Immunology Societies (IUIS) and European Federation of Immunology Societies (EFIS) join forces every year to highlight and promote research in Immunology through the International Day of Immunology.
Each national society for immunology is represented by an ambassador carrying a communication campaign popularized to the general public in a free format.

This year the topic is Immunology and Covid-19.

This year Noushin Mossadegh-Keller is the ambassador on behalf of SFI for the project: “Immunology and Covid-19 seen through the eyes of our kids”.
A 3 minutes video interviewing children with an educational focus based on 3 questions:

  • what is Immunology ?
  • what is the Covid-19 virus ?
  • What is a vaccine ?

This video is broadcast internationally today April 29. This international immunology day is a nice opportunity to show to the general public the mobilization of the scientific/immunological community in France.