We are seeking a highly motivated and scientifically-driven postdoctoral fellow to join our team « Cancer Immune Surveillance and Therapeutic Targeting ». Our Lab aims to identify new tumor immune surveillance and escape networks to improve cancer treatments. B cells and antibody-producing cells have recently emerged as critical tumor components influencing patient survival and response to therapies, but the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. The current project funded by ANR-RHU and INCa aims to i) decipher the mechanisms underlying plasma cell differentiation in B-cell-hot ovarian tumors, ii) identify antigens targeted by dominant expanded clonotypes and iii) determine the impact of chemo-immunotherapy on B cell diversity and functions in tumor and blood and its association with patient outcomes. The successful candidate will use unique patient samples, including tumors from patients with a paraneoplastic neurological syndrome, internal data sets of bulk and single cell RNA/BCR sequencing, multispectral tissue imaging, flow cytometry and antibody profiling arrays.

Contract: 2 years with possible extension to 3 years.

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