We are seeking one highly motivated PhD candidate to join our research team at the Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC). The project entitled “Selective autophagy receptors in viral antigen presentation” is an exciting opportunity to explore the intersection of immunology and virology.

Project Overview: the PhD-project is part of a program, funded by the ANR (in partnership with ENS-Lyon and INRAe), on the study of selective autophagy receptors (SARs) in antiviral immunity. Our team recently demonstrated that the SAR, TAX1BP1, is a powerful modulator of MHC molecule trafficking, antigen loading and ultimately the activation of antiviral CD4+ T responses. The originality of our approach is to use viral factors that interfere with SARs, to define the pathways and the molecular mechanisms involved in their functions in antigen processing and loading onto MHC-II molecules. For this, the applicant will implement immunopeptidomic methods combined with imaging and biochemical approaches. She/he will exploit the results of SAR proximity interactomes, generated by our ANR partners. Overall, the thesis project will provide a complete map of the interactions of TAX1BP1/SAR on the antigen presentation pathways, as well as the underlying molecular mechanisms. The applicant will also unravel pathways used by viruses to escape immunity.

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