The Molecular Virology and Immunology (VIM) laboratory conducts research on host responses against animal pathogens that have significant impact on agro-economics and public health. They also work on developing infection control strategies with the goal of improving global health. The Vaccine Immunopathology Immunomodulation (V2I) team, comprised of INRAE researchers and FOCH/UVSQ hospital-university staff, is dedicated to studying the immunology of respiratory diseases in both animals and humans.

The scientific objective of the « Integrative Immunology for the Respiratory tract » position, which would be open in 2024 (please see the contacts below), is to investigate the immunological imprinting induced by early life respiratory infections and how environmental factors like air pollution affect this process. The aim is to develop immunomodulation strategies to enhance immune defenses during this early stage of life.

The research will utilize trans-species immunomics approaches, encompassing bovine and human target species, and mouse models. Immunomics techniques will involve high-throughput methods to examine the impact of environmental stressors on the developing immune system, spanning from a systemic level down to single cells, and including the respiratory microbiota.

Feel free to set up a job alert at and contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

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