We are looking for a new team mate to work on a  project on senescence immunosurveillance by NK cells (12-month renewable fixed-term contract) granted by @ANR and @impetusgrant

Who we are?

Located at the Institute for the Research on Cancer & Aging of Nice (IRCAN), the  Cherfils-Vicini lab is a new team approved by INSERM, recently granted by the ANR (SENEDIT project) of dynamic scientists from diverse backgrounds with unconventional concepts!

What do we do?

We study senescence and its interaction with the immune system in the context of aging and cancer. But we’re not doing it like the others: we’re curious to know how senescence can inhibit immunosurveillance. Working closely with a research team in Lyon (CLB) and a team of bioinformaticians (INRIA), the post-doc recruited on the ANR SENEDIT project will set up and develop scRNAseq, BulkRNA seq and spatial RNAseq projects in models of cancer and age-related pathologies.

What is waiting for you?

–> Engage in cutting-edge Immunity, cancer & senescence research at the forefront of the field, both at a basic and translationnal level

–> Thrive in an international working environment that fosters diverse perspectives and cross-cultural collaboration.

–> Benefit from a young and dynamic team

–> Participate to the characterization of our concept of senescence immune checkpoints (SICs) to escape immune surveillance (Iltis C. et al BioRchiv 2021, patent #1 PCT/EP2022/060713; patent #2 EP22306604)

Who are we searching for?

–> you have a PhD degree in immune surveillance, cancer or senescence/aging fields,
–> you are highly motivated
–> you LOVE immunosurveillance & senescence and want to use it to kill cancer,
–> you have skills in multi-omics, cytometry and analysis (RNA-seq, spatialRNAseq, and lipidomics) –> you are willing to learn new skills and take on challenges

–> You are a team-oriented collaborator of any nationality and team player –> You are curious to try new things!

What we can offer?

A nice place to work at the IRCAN (www.IRCAN.org) in Nice,
the capital of the French riviera (Sea, Mountains & beautiful wheather) State of the art core facilities!
A decent remuneration

If all this is YOU –> Apply here https://qrco.de/beX3ir 


application deadline 30th November

Please spread the word !

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