Development of intra-nasal vaccine strategy against respiratory infections.

Paris, July 2023

A 3-year, post-doctoral position is available in the Guermonprez lab at Institut Pasteur Paris (“Dendritic cells and adaptive immunity” Unit, Immunology Department The Guermonprez lab investigates the role of dendritic cell subsets in regulating adaptive immunity (T and B cell responses) and the induction of immunity against cancer and infections (


The overarching goal of this project (ANR NOSIMMUNE) is to develop new intranasal vaccines strategies. Specifically, this project aims at developing protein vectors for intranasal delivery of vaccine antigens. The project integrates protein engineering (VHH nanobody selection, antibody engineering) and mucosal immunology (interactions between dendritic cells and epithelium, T cell activation by dendritic cells).

Specifically, the project intends:

  1. To evaluate in vitro the interaction of vaccine protein vectors and the nose-associated immune system. To this end, we will develop organoid-like models of Nose Associated Lymphoid Tissue embedding nasal epithelial cells and immune cells. Using this organoid-like model, we will analyse mechanistically how vaccine candidates are handled by the nose-associated immune system, including epithelial cells and dendritic cells.
  2. To evaluate in vivo the immunogenicity and efficiency of intranasal vaccine in the murine model. We will evaluate the induction of local, nose-associated lymphocyte responses specific for vaccine antigens (CD8 and CD4 Tissue Resident Memory cells and local B cell responses). Vaccine-induced prophylaxis will be evaluated in murine models of airway infection (murine models of IAV and SARS-Cov2).

The project will be developed in collaboration with University of Paris, Institut Curie and CNRS LBTI.

Candidate profile
We are looking for highly motivated individuals willing to bring new insights into the biology of adaptive immunity against infections and spark innovation in vaccine design.

The successful candidate is expected to have:

  • Project leadership.
  • A PhD level (or other with substantial research experience, engineering schools g.).
  • Former working experience and training in animal experimentation in accordance with European ethical guidelines.
  • A solid scientific background and research experience in at least one of the following fields:
    mucosal immunology, epithelial biology, dendritic cells biology, T lymphocyte biology, antibody engineering.
  • Any additional specific technological/scientific expertise will be valued as an asset. For instance, expertise in, in vivo imaging, organoids development, protein engineering, vaccine formulation, mRNA vaccines could represent key assets for the success of this project.
  • Enthusiasm for research in mucosal immunology and vaccine design in a multi-disciplinary academic environment.

The candidate is expected to:
1. Design experiments and formalize experimental protocols.
2. Conduct wet bench experiments in pre-clinical models of infection involving animal experimentation.
3. Analyse experimental data and keep organized data archives.
4. Interact and collaborate productively with bioinformatic staff and other research teams.
5. Present data in lab meetings and communicate research outputs in international scientific meetings.
6. Produce manuscripts for publication in collaboration with principal investigator.

Contact & applications

Pre-application, informal inquiries are welcome. For applications, please send to [email protected] one CV, a publication list, a cover letter and the email contact for 2 references.