Senior scientist – Development of human monoclonal antibodies,

Engineering of biologics, R&D  in inflammatory diseases

Location: Lyon (France)



The position is for a motivated and innovative PhD senior scientist to join the Immunogenomics & Inflammation research unit. The successful candidate will be responsible for the production of human monoclonal antibodies from circulating B cells to generate stable B cell clones secreting antibodies. An ideal candidate will be experienced in culture of primary B cells, advanced molecular biology/biochemistry methods, eager to learn and implement new techniques, and work as part of a team to facilitate development of innovative therapeutic antibodies.

In 2020, the Immunogenomics & Inflammation research Unit located at the Edouard Herriot university hospital in Lyon (France) started a joint venture with Eurobio scientific company. Because of previous interactions on the generation of human monoclonal antibodies, the team interacts strongly with physicians on translational research on the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and myositis. The joint public/private project is focused on the pathogenic role of autoantibodies in autoimmune diseases, and the development of fully human monoclonal antibodies from patient cells.



  • Culture of B cells from human blood using a patented technology for the development of B cell clones, screening procedures and cloning to obtain monoclonal antibodies.
  • High density production of B cell clones, sequencing.
  • Purification of antibodies by HPLC, biochemical and biophysical profiling of antibodies.
  • Development of novel molecular biology methods for screening for B cell clones and improving binding efficiency.
  • Expression in mammalian cells, E. Coli cells, yeast cells, and insect cells to develop specific ELISAs or purification strategies for antibodies.
  • Ability to solve process development problems and implement improved procedures.
  • Coordinate the interactions with the head office of Eurobio scientific near Paris.
  • Independently analyze and present data to scientific teams.
  • Management of technicians.


  • The candidate must have a PhD in either antibody engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology or immunology with 2-5 years post-doctoral or industry experience.
  • Proven record in protein expression and purification.
  • Experience with transient and stable expression of proteins in cell lines, antibody production and purification.
  • Problem-solving skills, ability to multi-task, and quick to learn new techniques.
  • Previous experience in team management.

The position is open at the university hospital with funding from Eurobio.

If interested, send your CV to [email protected]