Postdoctoral scientist positions will be available in 2024 (3 years and two years renewable contracts) at the CIML in the team of Pr Eric Vivier.

The scientists will be part of a research program aiming at exploring new topics in Immuno-Oncology in collaboration with the Institut Gustave Roussy.

Context: New therapies that promote anti-tumor immunity have been developed over the last decade. Most of these immunomodulatory approaches have focused on enhancing T-cell responses, either by targeting inhibitory pathways with immune checkpoint inhibitors, or by targeting activating pathways, as with chimeric antigen receptor T cells or bispecific antibodies. Although these therapies have led to unprecedented successes, only a minority of patients with cancer benefit from these treatments, highlighting the need to identify new cells and molecules that could be exploited in the next generation of immunotherapy. Harnessing innate immunity is emerging as a promising therapeutic approach to improving the efficacy of cancer treatment and overcoming resistance to current immunotherapies targeting T cells. In particular, harnessing NK cells in cancer patients presents the dual advantage of inducing the killing of tumor cells, but also of participating in a multicellular immune response against tumor cells. Correlations have been observed between patient clinical outcome and NK cell infiltration at the tumor bed or cytotoxicity of peripheral NK cells, in several cancer indications.

We propose here to dissect the role of NK cells and type 1 innate lymphoid cells (ILC1s) in specific cancer indications with the aim of proposing innovative treatments in these diseases based on their manipulation using antibody-based drugs.

Our OFFER: We are looking for, outstanding and highly motivated post-doctoral fellows with a PhD in Immunology or Onco-immunology. Experience in cellular biology techniques, transcriptomics and flow cytometry will be highly appreciated. Scientists will be part of a rich environment with full access to state-of-the-art technologies, which should ensure the successful development of the research programs.

APPLICATION: Candidates should send a CV, a cover letter, and contact information for two referees to [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

The deadline for applications is end of March 2024.

Lab funding: ERC, INCa, MSDa, Innate Pharma and institutional grants to the CIML (INSERM, CNRS, and Aix-Marseille University) and to Marseille Immunopole.



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