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Céline Delaloy obtained her PhD in Human genetics from UPMC in 2006. Her basic research efforts are focused on characterizing the molecular and cellular processes controlling gene expression and cell fate determination in pathophysiological models. After completing a postdoctoral training in Gladstone Institutes, University of California San Francisco, where she studied epigenetic mechanisms involved in neuronal differentiation, she was recruited by INSERM in 2013. In the U1236 lab, she explores signal integration and B cell responses to external cues directing plasma cell differentiation using experimental models and single cell approaches. Terminal differentiation of B lymphocytes into plasma cells is finely controlled in time and space in response to signals from the microenvironment. The disruption of the signaling pathways that control this process is at the origin of autoimmune diseases and lymphomas. IL-2 is one of the first cytokine discovered but its complex roles on T cell effector functions has shadowed its function on B cell responses. Her research focuses on the roles of IL-2<BACH2 axis.

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Institution : UMR U1236-MOBIDIC Rennes University
Fonction : PhD
Work Grade: Assistant/Associate Professor
Workplace sector Research Institute
Adresse Professionnelle : U1236, Faculté de Medecine, Université de Rennes, 2 av du pr Leon Bernard,, , 35043, RENNES, FR

Informations scientifiques

Domaines d'intérêt Autoimmunity
B Cells
Cell Signalling
Gene Regulation
Club Affinity Germinal Center
ORCID ID : 0000-0003-1510-6484