The antibody response and memory development are major effector arms of the immune system. They both rely on the selection of B cells in Germinal Centers (GC). Indeed, GCs are not only sites for clonal B cell expansion but also the places where the antibody repertoire diversifies. Helper T cells that are present in GCs guide the stringent cell selection of high-affinity B cell variants. Overall, due to their importance, GCs have been involved in several pathological conditions including autoimmunity, allergy, infections and cancer.

The French Germinal Center Club focuses attention on key advances in the field of GCs with the aim of fostering discussions and exchanges between experts in immunology, molecular biology, vaccinology, oncology and autoimmunity. Some of the critical topics to be covered include antibody functions, novel technologies, antibody therapies, vaccinology, GC dysfunction in pathologies…

As such, the French Germinal Center Club aims are the following:

  • to create a network of GC aficionados to potentialize scientific collaborations,
  • to promote scientific animations through newsletters and annual symposia,
  • to bond with other European societies of Immunology.

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Publication in the European Journal of Immunology

Past events: Workshop (Rennes, 2017; Toulouse, 2018; Paris, 2021)


Our next event will take place June 9th 2022in Marseille, France. 

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