Neuroimmunology is a bordering discipline at the interface between Immunology and Neuroscience. The central nervous system (CNS) is often considered a closed site and physiologically protected from any cellular intrusion. However, numerous studies have shown that molecular but also cellular communication exists physiologically between the CNS and the systemic immune system (excluding CNS). Knowledge of these communication pathways and the partners involved is crucial for the study and understanding of autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative processes and malignant proliferations. Many diseases are affected by this interface, such as multiple sclerosis, prion diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, brain metastases of systemic tumors (and vice versa), rabies, meningitis, uveitis, cell and gene therapies intra-brain…
The issues are both conceptual and medical. A better understanding of the immunological mechanisms involved in CNS-associated diseases will lead to new therapeutic approaches. In addition, some of the already proven approaches to systemic diseases have yet to be evaluated at the CNS level.
Bringing together researchers and clinicians from different specialties and backgrounds will create a privileged framework for information exchange and collaboration. The specific objectives of the CFNI Club are to:

  • To enable the various researchers working in the interface field of Neuroimmunology to get to know each other better and interact more effectively.
  • Share knowledge and skills related to diseases and/or experimental models affecting the nervous system and involving the immune system.
  • To make known and enhanced this discipline of interface in the eyes of Neurosciences and Immunology.
  • Create new specific educational resources.

Past events of the French Club of NeuroImmunology

1er Colloque du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie 27 mai 2010, Institut des Cordeliers-Paris
2e Colloque du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie 19 mai 2011, Institut des Cordeliers-Paris
3e Colloque du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie 19 octobre 2012, Institut des Cordeliers-Paris
4e Colloque du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie 19 septembre 2013, Institut des Cordeliers-Paris
5e Colloque du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie 15 octobre 2014, Institut des Cordeliers-Paris
6e Colloque du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie 6 novembre 2015, Institut des Cordeliers-Paris
7e Colloque du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie 28 octobre 2016, EVRY
Session du Club Francais de Neuroimmunologie Au congrès de la SFI 12 novembre 2019, NANTES