• We are happy to announce our next career webinar: “Coming back to France, get your lab funded“, taking place on May 16th 2023 at 5pm CET.We will be joined by 5 young team leaders who will share with us their professional experience and tips on the ways to come back to France after a postdoc abroad and obtain financial support to start their own independent research project.

We are very grateful to Rejane Rua (CIML, Marseille), Erika Cosset (CRCL, Lyon), Mauro Gaya (CIML, Marseille), Marie-Astrid Boutet (U1229, Nantes) and Pierre Tonnerre (Institut de Recherche St-Louis, Paris).

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  • The Day of Immunology (DOI) is arriving soon (29 avril), which is a good opportunity for us to encourage our members to talk about immunology with kids in schools during the spring 2023.

➤ More details here !

  • We presented our club and described our past, current and future projects in an article published in the European Journal Of Immunology in August 2021.

About us

Following the launch of the European network of young immunologists yEFIS, the French club of young immunologists was created in 2020 under the aegis of the SFI to bring together young scientists of French nationality or working in France in the field of immunology.

Club charter

Club rules and structure are indicated in the charter (availbale in french ➤ Charte FCYI)

Our missions

The FCYI (French Club of Young Immunologists) aims to:

  • Increase communication between young French immunologists (sharing of experiences, ideas…)
  • Connecting young and experienced immunologists
  • Promoting the place of young immunologists in France
  • To organize “Young Immunologists” sessions during the SFI annual congress, clubs, symposia, etc…
  • Organize scientific and social events, workshops…
  • Broaden interactions with other European groups of young immunologists.

How to join our club?

You are interested in joining the network and benefiting from its advantages? Register by filling out the following form:


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There is no age limit. However, you must have less than 10 years of experience after the last degree or after obtaining a permanent position.

You can be currently working in France or abroad, regardless of your nationality or position.

You must be a member of the French Society for Immunology (membership form) and up to date with your membership fees. Being up to date with SFI dues offers many advantages, especially for young people:

  • Apply for SFI grants for immunology meetings or courses (national, European or international),
  • Apply for “EFIS-IL Short-term Fellowship” offered for a period of 3 months to young immunologists in the context of a collaboration carried out in a European laboratory,
  • Apply for the ACTERIA Doctoral Thesis Prizes and the ACTERIA Early Career Research Prizes,
  • Apply for the SFI PhD Award,
  • Participate in the “Best Doctoral Article” Award.

Social Networks

You can follow the club’s news and activities on social networks:

Twitter : @FCYImmuno

LinkedIn :

How to get more involved in the club ?

The FCYI club has organized itself into several poles for its creation and the implementation of activities. If you wish to participate in the organization of our activities, do not hesitate to send us an email to [email protected].

Webinar video recordings

If you are a current FCYI member, we have the possibility to review FCYI webinars.

FCYI webinar 10th 01-02-2022:
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FCYI webinar 11th 07-03-2022:
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FCYI webinar 12th 12-04-2022:
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FCYI webinar 13th 03-05-2022:
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FCYI webinar 15th 15-12-2022:
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