This year we are moving to the South of France for the 4th Germinal Center Workshop.

Germinal Centers (GCs) are central to B cell immune responses to pathogens and vaccines, and are the roots of malignant B cell transformation in many lymphoma types. GCs are now also recognized as important parts of anti-tumor immune responses. GCs are fascinating structures where B cells evolve, mature and differentiate under the control of follicular T cells and stromal cells. In the 4th Germinal Center Workshop of the French Society of Immunology’s GC Club, leaders in the field will present their latest discoveries on the formation, function, and regulation of GCs in the context of vaccination, infectious diseases, lymphomas, and solid tumors.

The 4th Germinal Center Workshop will also provide opportunities for PhD students and early career researchers to present their GC-related research as short talks or posters.

Rendez-vous in Marseille June 9th.

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